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To see or not see…that is the question. First looks for the bride and groom are photos of the couple together before the ceremony that normally involve a reveal of the bride in her gown for the first time. They are intimate, emotional and normally provide amazing photos however they definitely break tradition of not seeing the bride before she walks down the aisle. Many people are opting for first looks these days as a way to save time after the ceremony but it still isn’t for everyone.

Q: I had never thought about seeing my fiance before I walked down the aisle, but everyone is asking me if we are doing a first look. I absolutely love the cute pictures but I am worried about breaking tradition. What is your opinion on first looks?

A: I think that when you are making a decision about something like this you really need to go with your gut reaction. If you truly envision seeing your beau for the first time when the sanctuary doors open then don’t spoil that vision and go with it! You can always opt to do a version of the first look where you and the groom stand on opposite sides of a door, corner to the church, etc. and hold hands. Many couples use this time to pray together, share a few final thoughts about their excitement and just to take in the joy of the moment together. You don’t actually see each other when you do this but you are able to let your fiance experience your emotions regardless. The photos of these meetings are priceless as well so if you really don’t want the big reveal to be spoiled then think about going this route instead!

Happy Planning!

xo – Keely

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