EMILY Wilburn
Director Planner

Emily prides herself on being unique and having her own quirky style yet even the most traditionally striving clients truely enjoy the experience of her wit, intelligence and truely fantastic events. Emily is an unbeknownst trendsetter who sees her ideas and style melt across the industry long after initial thought.

Emily has a way of perceiving what each specific client wants and ways to translate those ideas into reality properly. And with that, she proves time and time again that any issue has a million acceptable solutions and also that with the right tools, any challenge can be accomplished.

So whether she’s planning for completely hands off clients who know minimal about their event and are speechless with excitement at the reveal; to those clients a part of every detail, Emily’s brilliant contributions are proclaimed as the seen and unforeseen key elements that made the event a success and would have never been if she had not been involved. Creating “favorite moments” since 2009.

Dana Fernandez Photography