Senior Planner

As a Senior Planner for KTE, Allison uses her charm, fun personality, and wonderful management skills to deliver the perfect weddings for her clients.  Despite the many challenges every large wedding presents, Allison handles the twists and turns with her calming but assertive nature. Allison inevitably makes new best friends with every client and truly becomes one of the family while making sure that their entire wedding experience is what they always imagined and much more.

Allison truly loves her work and brings that passion to every engagement, even if it means unclogging an overflowing toilet with a mop or driving an old ranch truck with a bad clutch.  Just ask her…and be prepared for some great stories! With every story there are lessons learned, memories made, and laughs shared!

With her degree from the Conrad Hilton School at the University of Houston, five years in hotel management, joining the KTE team in 2011 and planning just over 100 weddings, Allison truly has come close to “seeing it all”

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